I Left My Boyfriend For A Woman…Three Women Share Their Stories On Why

Heteronormative relationships are well — -the norm. Traditional relationships between a man and woman are what our society has known for centuries. And for the most part, once you deem yourself heterosexual there isn’t any going back. However, Late-blooming lesbians — women who discover same-sex relationships in their 30s and beyond, are becoming more prevalent. Actress Niecey Nash, made headlines last year for marrying the love of her life, Jessica Betts. In their Red Table Talk interview, Nash

How to have orgasms during partnerned sex | Bellesa - Porn for Women

Most vulva owners can make themselves orgasm in under ten minutes, however when it comes to partnered sex it’s a becomes a slighty different story. A recent study found that 39% of women said they always orgasm when they masturbate, compared to 6% during sex. There are a million different factors that can make reaching orgasm difficult — the wrong type of stimulation, lack of information, insufficient communication, bad positioning, or not giving yourself enough time, etc. Here are six tips to

7 reasons why you might be bleeding after sex | Bellesa - Porn for Women

Have you ever bled after sex, and it wasn’t that time of the month? Bleeding after sex happens; no need to panic just yet. Bleeding can be caused by several reasons. Here is a list of the most common reasons you might be bleeding after sex. Sexually transmitted infections can cause a wide array of symptoms, including bleeding. Some STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea cause inflammation of the cervix. An inflamed and irritated cervix can bleed during penetration. If you think you might have an

What does an orgasm feel like? | Bellesa - Porn for Women

There are orgasms and then there are ORGASMS! The Big O! For some, they’re earth-shattering for others they’re a small release. Orgasms exist on a spectrum, they varies from person to person but one thing everyone can agree on is that orgasms are the cherry on top of a very delicious cake. In fact, in French, orgasms are known as le petit mort, or “the little death”, which doesn’t sound too pleasurable when you think about it. However, oddly enough some people describe orgasms as an outer body e

Rabbit Vibrators 101: A beginner's guide to rabbit vibes | Bellesa - Porn for Women

With the help of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, rabbit vibrators made their way to mainstream televison and became a household name after season one of Sex and the City. On the show, Charlotte becomes addicted to her new rabbit vibe, so much so that she ends up canceling all her plans to stay at home and masturbate. Her friends eventually had to step in and have a “rabbit” intervention, but who could blame Charlotte, the rabbit vibrator is renowned for it’s ‘blended orgasm’. Unlike oth

Been Married For Years and Hit a Sexual Plateau? Consider These Tips

Imagine waking up to your partner of several years and realizing you don’t enjoy having sex with them anymore. Let’s be honest, being with a partner day in and day out can get a little blah. By now, they have already shown you their best moves, the excitement has faded, their morning breath is more “morniner,” and they fart in their sleep. As a result, the two of you are now walking embodiments of B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone.” But the good news is you’re not alone. Losing sexual desire for y

Dear Ashley: My Dude Is Addicted To Porn, And Now Our Sex Life Is Completely Trash

Dear Ashley, a weekly sex column in which Sex Expert Ashley Cobb answers your most intimate questions. Nothing is off-limits! Have a sex question, Ashley, “Your Favorite Friend In Filth,” has an answer. For questions on sex, email Ashley at ashley@sexwithashley.com My boyfriend is 40 and I’m 26. He loves porn a lot and I think it is affecting our sex life. I asked him to get rid of the pornography on his phone which he has done. He has even offered for me to go through his phone, but I said tha

Vaxed And Waxed? How To Prepare For And Protect Yourself During 'The Summer Of Sex'

Vaccinations are here, restrictions have eased, and people are officially in the streets again. After a year of limited human interaction, many are ready to mingle, date and explore intimate relationships. For single people, quarantine and safety guidelines totally changed the rules for how to go about it all. COVID restrictions increased online dating activity as well as alternative methods for getting to know someone new. But now that “outside” is open again, experts predict sex is to make a m

The Truth About Dating With Herpes, Women Tell All

Dating is hard. In the dating world, Black women are often made to feel like they aren’t good enough and not worthy of actual healthy, loving and meaningful relationships. Add having herpes to the mix, and things can get even more complicated. There’s such a stigma surrounding sexually transmitted infections (STIs), especially herpes. Shame, fear, confusion, and assumptions about herpes is due to misinformation and a general lack of knowledge. The truth is, it’s extremely common. It’s so common

Outercourse Can Save Your Sex Life if Intercourse Isn’t Working

is a sexual activity that involves non-penetrative sexual pleasure. Pretty much anything sexual you do that isn’t penetrative counts as outercourse. Outercourse can be a great way to build your bond as a couple and can be very stimulating and orgasmic. Outercourse can be extremely beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction or women who suffer from painful sex due to endometriosis, vaginismus, fibroids, or scarring (physical and mental) from sexual trauma. Ways to Incorporate Outercourse in th